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Unified Collaboration

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Unified Collaboration (VoIP Services)

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A Unified collaboration solution provided by Meridyn allow your team members to share information seamlessly across multiple platforms, because we understand that an organization’s productivity is directly dependent to the flexible communications and collaboration systems. 


Cisco UCS enables faster time to value through greater time-on-task efficiency, easier scaling, and its fundamental design as a centrally managed, physically distributed virtual blade chassis.

Need solution for all communication problems of your organizations? Meridyn is providing the best unified collaboration solutions.
Unified Collaboration solution is the process to share and access information on any device from any location if you are authorized person.

Why Choose Us?


Communication Solutions

Meridyn will integrate enterprise communication solutions like instant messaging, voice and video communications, voice messaging, conferencing, speech recognition and data sharing. Our solutions enables greater time-on-task efficiency.


Innovative way of automation

Meridyn solutions will helps to integrate different teams working on same project from different regions. Besides this offers time-consuming solutions through which you can directly approach your customers.


Greater Agility Support

Meridyn provides better networking interface with lower Infrastructure cost and greater agility to support organization.

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